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This website serves as a platform to showcase the work of Jack Harris. The portfolio is a mixture of multi media content ranging from compositions for short films, to sound design for animation. All of the collaborators have been fully credited underneath each piece. If you have any queries please feel free to send an email by visiting the 'Contact Me' section below, and someone will be in touch!



My Compositions

Title: "Whitelee Wind Farm"

Music by: Kyalo Searle-Mbullu

Filmed by: Kyalo Searle-Mbullu and Michael Davitt

Edited by: Jack Harris


Title: "The Sound of a City"

Sound Design & Music by: Jack Harris

Filmed and Edited by: Jack Harris

Title: "Persona" 

Directed by Ingmar Bergman

Sound Design and Music by Jack Harris

Title: "Solitude in the City"

Sound Design & Music by: Jack Harris

Filmed and Edited by: Jack Harris

Title: "SAM"

Sound Design & Music by: Jack Harris

Animation by: Kyle Winkleman

Title: "Sintel" - a short extract of the animation 

Sound Design, Sound Editing,

Recording Mixing and Foley by: Jack Harris

Title: "Virtual Reality: The Future and Beyond"

Filmed and Edited by: Jack Harris, Igor Mihailovs and Jayant Manchanda

My Drumming Work

Song Title and Band: "Proxy Servants" by Peppermint Fiction

Music Written by: Forbes Bryce, Cameron Byrce, Ben White & Jack Harris

Filmed & Edited by: Alice Gordon

Mixed & Mastered by: Kerr Thomson


Blue Ghosts - Peppermint Fiction
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Silver Lining - Peppermint Fiction
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Alligator Swamp - Peppermint Fiction
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